W9DUA DMR 443.70625 CC5

This SVRC DMR Repeater is linked to the BrandMeister Network  Below is a list of the current Talk Groups and assigned Time Slots that are available on the repeater.

(The following information is subject to change from time to time. Keep checking this website for the latest information)

We are currently in a testing phase.  The foot print should only get better as we finish working out issues and some building construction items get removed.


Static (or Always On) Talk Groups:

Time Slot 1:

Illinois (TG 3117)

Illinois Link (TG 31171):

Time Slot 2:
Springfield IL DMR (TG 311770)  This is the repeater talk group so people can stay connected with "Home" anywhere they have DMR access.


Please keep Time Slot 2 open for local QSO’s only. Springfield 311770) We ask that all regional, national, and world wide talk groups and QSO’s be opened up and carried out on Time Slot 1.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments by clicking HERE.

Thanks so much and above all, have fun with DMR in Springfield & Central Illinois!

Thanks to WX9PIA for permission to use much of their verbiage.

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