Upated:W9DUA D-Star Repeater Issues Fixed

Updated: The issues with the W9DUA DStar repeater have been repaired.  A new network switch as been installed restoring the connectivity.  The club would like to formally thank N9PUZ for the previous router that had been in service for about 7 years.  This location is a harsh environment during the summers.  the new router is rated for high temperatures.    


It was reported lastnight that the DStar repeater wasn't talking to the internet or allowing registrations on our gateway..  Research today showed that the network router has failed.  This prevents registering on our gateway and prevents internet linking.We are researching and sourcing a router suitable for the harsh environment of the site.   Stay tuned for updates.

N9PUZ who has been a tremendous help over the years with this repeater adds:

A couple of points regarding the D-STAR repeater issue...

The room where the repeater is installed is unheated and uncooled. I imagine 110-115F would not be out of the question with the heat we've seen over the past week or so in Central Illinois. Our server upgrade last year took this into account. Alas, the router that is required for the system to link to the outside world bit the dust. It has been running pretty much continually since 2011 when the repeater first went on the air.



73 de KA9KQH

W9DUA Trustee


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