State of the Repeaters 2023-10-28

An update for all on the repeaters that the club provides:

443.000 (Springfield)

TLDR; This machine will be going analog only in the near future.

In an effort to provide a better footprint for this machine we plan on replacing it in the near future with an analog only machine meaning that the C4FM (System Fusion) functionality will be going away..  This is currently an older Yaesu Fusion repeater that because of design considerations we are unable to run at full power and because of some other design issues it struggles in the busy RF environments that we can place it in.  The replacement repeater will be an analog only Motorola MTR2000. With this a UHF only receiver of better quality than the Yaesu dual band receiver we believe this will provide better receiver performance. Also,  We plan on running this at 50w while the current machine can only be run at 20w.  

DMR & DStar (Springfield)
These machines continue to operate well and we anticipate no changes to them in the near future.

444.900 (Tallula)

Due to some tower changes initiated by the property owner the 444.900 repeater will be losing about 25 feet of elevation.  This repeater is currently off the air while we await for the tower work to be completed.

442.675 (Tallula)

As part of the aforementioned tower work this repeater is being retired due to lack of tower space.

224.480 (Tallula)

When we inherited this repeater it already had issues with receiving.  Due to losing the tower space, we will also be retiring this repeater which due to the general lack of Amateur Equipment for the 1.25M band shouldn't be that great of a loss to the amateur community.

147.045 (Athens)
This repeater continues to opearate well on VHF.  There is currently a problem with the UHF RF link to machines south of us that we hope to address in the very near future.


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