Fusion Repeater Interference Update!

Most are aware of the interference issues we have had on the 443.0 Mhz Fusion repeater.  It took us a while but we identified the biggest source of the interference as a commercial repeater.  Several solutions were discussed. On, Monday 6/11/2018 a notch filter providing about 35Db of attenuation at the offending frequency was installed.  To offset the 1.5-1.75db of insertion loss a pre-amp was placed between the receiver and the notch filter.  Just prior to this posting the club ran the Tuesday night net the offending frequency was monitored.  The automated id'er of the commercial repeater sounded with no impact to the station talking at the time.  

There is yet another source of interference that provides a subtle hiss when it transmits. We will continue to evaluate solutions for this source of interference.  We appreciate your patience as we work through these technical issues!

Neither source of interference has an effect on received signal when using the Repeater in digital mode.




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