Special Event Station N9L 2010

Ok campers!  Another year, another Lincoln Trail Hike, including the now famous N9L Special Events Station(s). The important stuff follows:

Call sign N9L is available for our use Saturday April 24 through Sunday April 25.

Stations will be operating from the following locations:

    Lincoln’s New Salem
    Panther Creek
    Camp Illinek – Walter Rudolph, Ed Gaffney
    Stuart Park

For information and operator assignments, contact:

Ed Gaffney



Start time is 1400Z both days.  Note that the LTH is Saturday, but you can use N9L from your QTH  on Sunday.  Please make sure that your logs are legible.  After the event, turn in your logs to me (Ed).  I will take care of the QSLs.  If we have a large number of requests for QSLs, will need help getting them processed! We will be operating on 40m and 20m phone for sure – any CW / PSK31 volunteers?  Do not be shy about signing up at any one of the four above locations!

Lengthy conversations with Karmak The Magnificent have yielded the following forecasts for WX and Propagation for the 48 hour LTH period.

WX : sunny, high of 74 degrees, calm wind, humidity 50 percent. Little or no QRN expected.

Propagation: Solar Flux will be 150+, with no Coronal Mass Ejections. The A index will be 1 or below.

Disclaimer: actual conditions may vary.

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